Slide Design

Speaker’s Outline:

I have a love for reading that I want to encourage others to develop.

Reading offers so much more than just allowing us to read information on a page.

Reading reduces stress. All stress can slip away when you find yourself lost in a great story.

Reading expands your vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you are exposed too and they eventually make it into your everyday vocabulary.

Reading allows you to gain knowledge. Especially when reading about historical events and biographies.

Exposure to good writing increases your own personal skills.

When reading books you have to remember the story line, characters and sub-plots. This memorization can carry over into your daily life outside of books.

Reading requires 100% concentration to understand the story. Reading for 15-20 minutes before work can improve your work day focus.


Reading improves multiple aspects of our lives.


I have a love for reading that I want to encourage others to develop which inspired this slideshow. I searched for an article that explains the benefits of reading. Reading does more than just allow us to read information and that is what I wanted to explain in this presentation.


My target audience for this is young adults. I tried to choose visually appealing photos that would attract the eye and simple text that could be read and understood easily.




Emma and Sharon both suggested that I make my fonts more bold and make my overall design standout more.

My original designed featured a title in the top left corner with a line underneath and an image below the line.

To make my design more bold I stretched the image over the whole slide, changed the color of the line and text and placed the titles it different areas with the repeating line in each slide.

Link to the article my slideshow is based on:




  1. This is a well done slide presentation, Kay. I compliment you on your cohesiveness, it is beautiful throughout. I especially liked the images you selected and I recognize that you improved some of your images from your original draft, which was great. Your design details are really nice and not overwhelming. They blend and accentuate. Excellent!

    To see my slide design presentation, check out:

  2. The images you chose fit well together, and were interesting to look at. The pale blue line, design feature worked with your photographs. I noticed it was a reoccurring color in our images and it was a nice way to fit all the slides together. Also your simple word choices were fantastic.

    Have you had a chance to check out Lorena’s. I thought she did an excellent job.

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