Social Media Marketing

Company: Sephora Beauty

Objective: Create awareness for the new Kylie Jenner Lip Kit that will be launching at the Sephora Beauty stores and on their website.

Strategy: Create a series of five Instagram posts that builds excitement for the release of the new product in stores.






Sephora is a brand that always has the latest and greatest cosmetic brands. Ever since Kylie Jenner launched her they have been selling out within minutes of going live. Because these lip kits are so popular they would fit perfectly in with the Sephora brand.

Instagram is a great platform to advertise this product because young adults and teens are the main audience on the platform and that is who has been buying the lip kits.


I researched the language that Sephora typically uses in their Instagram posts and tried to copycat that language in my posts. They often use emoji’s and a few hashtags with each post that relate to the product so that is what I portrayed in my posts. I created a fake instagram account to post the images on and I actually got a few followers after posting! Unfortunately, Sephora won’t be getting these lip kits anytime soon but a girl can dream.


I received the critiques from Emma to make a fake profile for the project instead of my own, so I went ahead and made the unofficial Sephora account.

Shelley pointed out that I needed more hashtags so I added a few more to each photo. Sephora does not typically use more than three hashtags so I did not want to stray from the brand and add too many.

Image Links:

Font: Promixa Nova



  1. Kay – You did a great job on this project. I like how you set up a teaser post first to add anticipation. The images were stunning and interesting to look at. You made good use of the hashtags, and I like the bright, vibrant colors. Here is a link to Lorena’s social media project

  2. I enjoyed your project Kay! What I like most is the simplicity of the images matched with fun colors. You goal was campaigning for Sephora, and I feel like you matched their style perfectly. My favorite picture was the one with the different blushes.

    If you want to see another ad campaign for a brand that we are also familiar with, check out Lorena’s who did one for Michael Kors:

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