Message: I love the color turquoise. It reminds me of the ocean and that is one of my favorite places to be. I love wearing the color black, I think it brings out the color in my eyes and it is always included in my outfits. When designing my slides I knew I wanted to encompass these two colors because the portfolio is a look into my mind.

Audience: My primary audience behind this design was potential employers. I wanted to showcase a handful of designs I created and show them a variety. I wanted to keep my slides simple and just display the images without other distractions.


Dee shared with me that because I had so many of my slides displayed on my Slide Design page it was harder to see the detail of them. I went ahead and took out two slides so that I could make the remaining slides bigger and easier to see.

Shelley pointed out to me that in my first draft of my slides my third slide was not aligned properly. I have three photos displayed and one of them was sized larger than the other two. I fixed the larger image and now have three aligned photos.





Magazine Spread


I am working on a two page spread for an LDS magazine article, The New Era. For my magazine spread story, I chose to write to an audience of young adults and teenagers who are struggling with feeling down and are looking for happiness.

My first step in this project was to draft up some layout ideas. I really liked the idea of having one big image featured on one side of the magazine pages.



Here is the final product! I flip flopped the sides on my draft and changed the image placement. Once I started working on it my perspective changed which led to the new layout. I want to spread happiness and hope this spread shows that. I loved the image of the couple on that right that I found online and think it depicts happiness well. This project was easier than expected. I placed the background image across both pages of the spread because I loved the image so much. I then created a text box with two columns to display the article I wrote. I inserted two other images that represent happiness below the columns. I then focused on making a big title, I placed the four in it’s on text box so I could make it stand out larger.


Mag Spread Final jpeg2

Click the link below to see the InDesign File larger:

 Mag Spread Final Print


In my first draft the smaller images we stacked and against the page. Emma suggest I move them away from the page so I did that and put them side by side as well.However, I still kept them along the against the page, just on the bottom instead of the side because visually I felt it looked best.

Addyson offered the same suggestion and also offered that I should change my body copy font. I changed the font to a sans serif so it was easier to read. I love the simplicity the new font I chose offers and think it was a great suggestion from Addyson.


Title- Gotham

Body Copy- Gothm

Number 4- Neutra

Image Links:





Movie Poster Project


My Message:

I LOVE this movie! And have always wanted to be an astronaut. My audience is young adults who are interested in science fiction movies. This movie tells the story of an astronaut trapped on Mars, how he survives and what he learns while being stuck on Mars.


In my critiques they suggested that I fix the lighting on my face. It originally had more shadows but I lightened it, especially around my eyes.

Font: Eurostile





Photographic Study

Cisco Phone Shoot

This was an interesting project. I’ve never considered myself to be good at photography so just taking the pictures was a task for me. I wanted to photograph an object with texture so I chose the phone in my office because it has many buttons and numbers. I shot all different angles of the phone and even captured the dust that was on the phone in some photos.

Close up of the dial pad


Shooting down on the push buttons


Side angle of phone, featuring dust.


Shooting up at the phone


Close up of handset


Overall shot of the phone


Cisco Phone Collage

Cisco Collage copy


Cheryl suggested my collage be less busy. I previously had nine photos in my collage and changed it to just six.

Paul suggested that I change the title. In my first draft my title read, “Office Phone.” For the final draft I changed it to Cisco Phone.