Photographic Study

Cisco Phone Shoot

This was an interesting project. I’ve never considered myself to be good at photography so just taking the pictures was a task for me. I wanted to photograph an object with texture so I chose the phone in my office because it has many buttons and numbers. I shot all different angles of the phone and even captured the dust that was on the phone in some photos.

Close up of the dial pad


Shooting down on the push buttons


Side angle of phone, featuring dust.


Shooting up at the phone


Close up of handset


Overall shot of the phone


Cisco Phone Collage

Cisco Collage copy


Cheryl suggested my collage be less busy. I previously had nine photos in my collage and changed it to just six.

Paul suggested that I change the title. In my first draft my title read, “Office Phone.” For the final draft I changed it to Cisco Phone.



  1. Hi Kay. I just took a look at your photographic study. Isn’t it amazing how we miss the details when we look at things as a whole? Actually what I like about your collage is the lack of color. I like the simplicity of black and white. You did a good job at choosing different angles. I like Cheryl’s suggestion. Now that I think about it, I think I should have used less images in mine. That is what was bugging me about it. It was too busy. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to put less photos in it. — Margery

  2. Kay, I really liked your Cisco Phone Shoot! I like how you captured such a simple office tool and was able to get so many different angles and perspectives. You even caught details like the dust on the phone which I thought added a really neat spin on this shoot. Great job, I think you captured the photos in a very simple yet clean way.

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